Little moral boosters for the office

Little moral boosters for the office

Everybody likes to make fun of their standard 9-5 Monday to Friday office job once in a while, but most of us realise that it is actually a pretty great deal. Your hours are regular with weekends off (something shift workers and those working in retail can only dream of), you usually get to work with a team of like-minded people, and there are plenty of other benefits besides.

As an employer, you can make the office working environment even more pleasant. Both big and small companies alike are making an effort these days to foster a unique and productive workspace, and with a few simple moral boosters, you can too. Neither expensive nor farfetched, find out our little tips here.

Make sure the coffee machine is a good one

If your office is still running on instant coffee, then it is high time to take the plunge and buy a more sophisticated coffee machine. Everyone knows getting a coffee is almost a social event in an office, so make it even more pleasant by treating them to a top quality coffee experience.

Pool table or table tennis table

It’s much more productive for your employees to take small breaks from theirs PCs every hour or so, and a great way for them to blow off steam, loosen up, or get up and stretch is with a pool table or table tennis table. Both involve gentle activity, and are a great way for your workforce to get to know each other a bit better.

Pizza Friday now and then

Another thing to do to keep your workforce feeling appreciated, is to hold a pizza Friday now and then. It’s a nice gesture for you to make, won’t cost the earth and is something that everyone can get involved in. And don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be pizza – it can be anything from donuts to smoothies!

It’s the little gestures that’ll leave your employees feeling valued, so do make a little investment in this area now and again.

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